While the Sales Tax Calculator is much higher than that of any other state in US, their property tax is very less. So in short, the Sales Tax Calculator compensates for the minimal property tax. Actually the taxes are collected by the governments, under various heads, to gather revenue for the state. So if one tax is less, it has to be compensated by some other.

Sales Tax Calculator
Sales Tax Calculator

The Sales Tax Calculator is collected by a board named Board of Equalization, which is publicly elected. This board is in charge of determining the rates of Sales Tax Calculator. This rate comes to 7.5%. Additional taxes may be added to this further by the cities, counties etc. with the approval of voters.

These additional Sales Tax Calculator added by the counties and municipalities are termed as district taxes and the rates may vary from 7.5 to 10%. That is why the Sales Tax Calculator is considered to be the highest in the United States.

The Sales Tax Calculator, like elsewhere, is calculated by multiplying the retail price by a specified percentage of the cost price. It is collected by the retailer and thereafter he remits the same to the government. He files returns with the government and remits the amount, monthly, quarterly or annually as the case may be. The submission of the application and other procedures of the Sales Tax Calculator are similar to that of other states.

There are many items exempted from Zip2Tax. This includes unrefined grocery items, animal food, prescription medicines and agricultural supplies. Many services are also exempted from the Sales Tax Calculator. But sometimes the installation of taxable goods is taxed.

The use tax is levied at the time of purchase. Some states, however, have placed a maximum limit for use tax and sales tax. This restricts the local authorities from levying a higher tax. Both these taxes are the primary source of revenue for the governments.Use Tax

The use tax and sales tax are usually imposed on tangible personal items. Services are usually exempted from these taxes. But if the service involves the installation of taxable tangible items, the use tax and sales tax are imposed.

The use tax is actually introduced to protect the in-state retailers from the unfair competition from the out-of the state retailers. As the taxes are meant for adding to the revenue of the state, the out-of state purchases will deprive the governments of a state of the sales tax collected from in-state sales. But the fact remains that it is extremely difficult for the governments to keep an eye on use tax collection.

Sales tax is a consumption tax collected by the retailer from the buyer, at the time of purchase. This is usually a specific percentage of the selling price. The rate of sales tax depends on states, counties, local authorities or districts. The rate of ca sales tax is considered to be the highest in the whole of America. The rates come to around 10%, when added with the local authority’s tax.